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Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is a $19.4 million fund created under Georgia’s RT3 plan that provides competitive grants to support the establishment and deepening of partnerships between Georgia local education authorities (LEAs) or charter schools, institutions of higher education (IHEs), businesses and non-profit organizations to advance the applied learning and academic achievement of Georgia’s K-12 students.

The purpose of the Innovation Fund is to fund partnerships that develop or implement innovative and high-impact programs aimed at producing positive outcomes for students. Additionally, the State intends to use the Innovation Fund to determine best practices in innovative programming related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, applied learning and teacher and leader recruitment and development to influence future education policy efforts.

At the core of the Innovation Fund is the following theory:

IF, public and private organizations are encouraged by financial resources, policy environments and supportive operating conditions, THEN, the State of Georgia will benefit from a stronger commitment from diverse stakeholders to support and advance K-12 public education, the ability to replicate innovative practices with a demonstrated record of success, and ultimately, improved outcomes for students.

By supporting Innovation Fund grantees, the State of Georgia will benefit from:

1) A measurably stronger commitment from public and private sectors to support and advance positive academic outcomes for students

2) An increased number and percentage of students and teachers with access to innovative programs, strategies, and practices related to STEM education, applied learning and teacher/leader recruitment and development

3) A stronger understanding of the types of innovative programs, strategies, and practices that will lead to positive improvements in applied learning, teacher induction, and homegrown teacher pipeline efforts

4) Improved student outcomes.