GHP Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in attending GHP.  Who should I contact for information about getting into GHP?

All current sophomores and juniors interested in being nominated for GHP should contact the GHP coordinator for their high school or school district.

I attend a private school/home school.  Am I eligible to apply for GHP?

Yes, students who are current sophomores and juniors in the state of Georgia are eligible to apply for GHP.  Private school students should contact the GHP coordinator for their school.  Home school students should contact the district coordinator for the school system he/she is designated to attend. Private/independent schools and home school programs must be properly accredited.

How much does it cost to attend GHP?

Tuition, room, and board are covered under appropriations made by the Georgia General Assembly, so there is no cost to attend GHP.  However, students are asked to bring basic school supplies (binders, notebook paper, notebooks, pens, etc.) for class.  Students may also consider bringing money for laundry, the purchase GHP t-shirts, and to meet their individual spending habits.  (Students may have the option to purchase a major t-shirt, hall t-shirt, and other themed GHP t-shirts).

What are the criteria for being nominated to GHP?  Is there a minimum GPA or minimum test score that must be met?

Students nominated to GHP demonstrate exceptional skill, creativity, and knowledge in the area of nomination.  Academic achievement and social maturity are considered in the selection process; however there are is no specific numerical minimum/cut off for nomination. 

I am a special needs student, and require special considerations to attend class and for room accommodations.  Can I still participate in GHP if selected as a finalist?

Yes.  GHP does not discriminate against any students, and GHP staff will work with students and parents to ensure that any special needs required under a student’s IEP and ADA compliance are met.

I was nominated for GHP my sophomore year, but was not selected to attend GHP or could not accept the invitation.  May I be nominated again for GHP as a junior this year?

Students who were nominated for GHP previously, but were not selected or did not attend GHP may be nominated for GHP this year by their local school district/private school.

I attended GHP as a sophomore.  May I attend GHP again as a junior in a different area of nomination?

No.  Students who have been previously selected and attended GHP are not eligible.

I have been nominated for GHP by my local school district.  How do I prepare/complete the GHP application?

All students nominated by the local district to GHP will receive information through email (please make sure the GHP coordinator has the correct email address on file) that gives a student access to the online application system.  Information about the application and requirements for specific majors will be released in November.  The online application system will open on November 17, 2017. The deadline for submitting the GHP online application is January 5, 2018.

I have heard that only juniors are selected to attend GHP.  How competitive is the application process?

Each school district/private school completes its own selection process to determine local nominees.  The process is very competitive at the state level with over 3,000 applications and approximately 20% or less of those are invited to attend.  The students selected to attend GHP demonstrate superior skill in the area of nomination.

Will all students who are nominated to GHP by the school districts and complete the online application attend the state level interview?

No.  Only students selected as semi-finalists (those applicants that have been chosen by a review panel of content area experts) will be invited to the state level interview. 

Will I be graded or given any credits for the work I complete while at GHP?

GHP is an ungraded summer program.  Students will not be required to take any exit exams or standardized tests regarding major courses of study.  Credits are not issued for completion of the program.  Students that complete the entire four weeks of study receive a certificate of completion.

I have been interested in attending another summer program but the date of this program and the date for GHP overlap.  May I start GHP late or leave early?

No.  Students selected to attend GHP are required to attend all four weeks of the program.  Exceptions to this will be rare and limited to emergency situations. 

I am a member of a GHP Facebook group.  Why does GOSA not respond to questions, comments, or concerns posted by group members?

GOSA has Facebook and Twitter accounts that are used to share generic information about the agency and GHP, but does not manage the GHP Facebook groups created by GHP participants. If you have specific questions about GHP, we prefer you contact the GHP office directly.



Updated 09/2017