Innovative Education Fund Grant Program

The Innovation Fund Foundation is pleased to announce the Innovative Education Fund Grant Program – a new grant opportunity for public schools, school districts and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. The Innovative Education Fund provides between $2,500 to $10,000 over one year for eligible organizations –traditional public and charter schools, school districts, and nonprofits organizations partnered with public schools and districts – to implement innovative projects that deeply engage students. An innovative project solves an existing problem in an inventive way and has the potential to have a large and lasting impact on the academic environment. The IFF defines innovative programs as those that:

  • Solve a problem faced by a specific population by targeting its root cause in an inventive way;
  • Were developed for and with students, teachers and leaders;
  • Have the potential to disrupt and permanently transform “education as usual.” The program exists to improve an aspect of or introduce a new approach to education at the classroom, school or district level;
  • Were created with consideration of the context in which it will be applied. Depending on the program focus, special attention was paid to the student/teacher target population, school neighborhood, and/or available external resources; and
  • Are rarely-before- or never-before-seen in the context.

The Innovative Education Fund is funded with donations from the Qualified Education Donation Tax Credit.  


Eligibility Requirements

To apply for an Innovative Education Fund grant, your organization must be one of the following:

  • A Georgia local education agency (LEA)/school district*
  • A Georgia traditional public school or charter school
  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a Tax Exempt Letter

*If the applicant is not a school or district, it must be a party to a contract pursuant to § 20-14-49.


Priority Points

Applicants that fall into one of the following categories will receive priority points on their application, in alignment with the chart below. Please note that applicants will only receive priority points in one category (the category for which they would receive the highest points). To receive priority points, applicants must indicate which category they fall into on their grant application. The IFF will verify that the information provided by the applicant is correct prior to awarding the priority points.


Priority Points


Schools Identified in the Bottom 5% of Performance

+5 points

To receive priority points for this category, the school must be identified in the bottom 5% of performance. Please note, school districts and organizations are only eligible for these priority points if their proposed grant program exclusively involves school(s) identified in the bottom 5% of performance.

Schools/School Districts Identified as Minority Majority

+4 points

To receive priority points for this category, the school or school district must be identified as being composed of a 50.1% or more minority student population.[1] Organizations are only eligible for these priority points if their proposed grant program exclusively involves school(s) or school district(s) identified as majority minority.

High-Need, Rural Schools/School Districts

+3 points

Schools and organizations are only eligible to receive points for this category if the proposed grant program serves a school district located in a county designated as Tier 1 or Tier 2 based on the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ annual job tax credit tiers AND is located in a county with a population of 35,000 or less. Click here for a map and list of high-need, rural school districts. Individual schools within the listed school districts are also eligible for priority points.


Funding Timeline

The Innovation Fund Foundation will accept, review, and award Innovative Education Fund grants twice a year. Applicants must submit their application during the timeframes listed below. Please note these timeframes are subject to change, subject to the availability of funds from the Qualified Education Donation Tax Credit. The below chart indicates the currently-anticipated timeframe in which IFF will review and award grants.

Application Timeframe Will Open

Applications Received By

Will Be Reviewed and Awarded By

May 3, 2021

May 31, 2021

Late-June 2021


Application Instructions

To apply for an Innovative Education Fund grant, please follow the steps below.

  1. Carefully review the Innovative Education Fund Grant Guidelines, application questions and scoring rubric.
  2. Optional but recommended: Watch the Grant Writing 101 Workshop series prior to writing your application.
  3. Optional but recommended: Review the How the IFF Defines Innovation information sheet.
  4. Once you participate in the webinar series, complete and submit an application on the FormSite website, including your answers to the application questions along with all required documents.



For questions regarding the Innovative Education Fund, please contact Jaclyn Colona at [email protected] or 404.904.5514.



[1] Minority student populations refer nonwhite groups, including Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American/Alaskan Native. The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement reports student demographics on the Report Card Dashboard. Schools and school districts are encouraged to use this dashboard to determine their school or school district’s demographics.