Report Card Data Request

A Data Request form must be completed for all data files currently not available on the downloadable data page. The Governor's Office of Student Achievement will make every effort to fulfill data requests for 2009-2010 and earlier years; however, please note this data was pre-calculated and processed independently of this agency. 

Provide specific instructions including data fields (i.e. race, gender, academic level, etc.) needed. You may upload a file showing the column headings in the desired format (see below).
Year data is requested
Preferred date that data are needed
NOTE: The earliest a data request can be processed is 3-5 business days from the day it is submitted (may be longer during peak times).
Upload an example of your request (Optional)
Upload a mock-up file as an example of your data request.
Please explain the purpose for requesting this data (i.e., how is this data going to be used).