Educator Qualifications

Educator professional qualifications data comes from GaPSC certification records, Student Class and GADOE CPI Data collection which verifies location of employment. The professional qualifications of teachers in the State, District and School includes the following information, disaggregated by high poverty, low poverty, and total schools on the number and percentage of:

    (I) Inexperienced teachers and/or school leaders;
    (II) Teachers teaching with emergency or provisional credentials; and
    (III) Teachers teaching out-of-field.
  Inexperienced teachers and/or school leaders are defined as teachers or leaders with less than four consecutive years being reported as a teacher or leader in the school as captured through Fall and Spring CPI.

  Teachers teaching with emergency or provisional credentials are defined as teachers with an N and/or W GaPSC issued certificate and special education teachers who hold a SI certification in a special education field without a passing score on the GaPSC accepted test at any time throughout the year as captured through the most recent Student Class report.

  Out-of-field teachers are defined as those who are not teaching in the subject or field for which the teacher is certified or licensed as reported in CPI and the most recent Student Class report.

Educator Qualifications

Emergency & Provisional Credentials (Count)

Emergency & Provisional Credentials (FTE)

Inexperienced Teachers (Count)

Inexperienced Teachers (FTE)

Inexperienced Leaders (Count)

Inexperienced Leaders (FTE)

Out-of-Field Teachers (Count)

Out-of-Field Teachers (FTE)

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