Graduates Ready to Attain Success in Postsecondary (GRASP) Program

GRASP Evaluations

These are prepared and published by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, Auditing, Evaluation and Research Team

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About GRASP              

Graduates ready to Attain Success

The Graduates Ready to Attain Success in Post-secondary (GRASP) Program Grant aims to support selected Georgia high schools as they work to increase student success in achieving high school graduation, complete post-secondary programs, and productively participate in the workforce. Implemented by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) and now operated by the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) Office of School Improvement, the GRASP grant provides funding for one additional school counselor at selected schools.

The GRASP grant provides counselor support to districts and schools by supporting a reduced caseload of 70-80 off track students.  GRASP counselors are able engaging learners in creative, non-traditional interventions and strategies to support and guide them through high school graduation and successful admission into post-secondary programs. As the Office of School Improvement provides a superior system of statewide support to districts and schools, the induction of the GRASP grant provides a way to addresses the many challenges facing Georgia’s school counselors and their ability to make a significant impact on school’s overall graduation rates. 

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Ruby Butler
GRASP Program Specialist
Phone: 404-326-0315
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