Data Dashboards

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K-12 Student Discipline Dashboard

The Discipline Dashboard summarizes district- and school-level discipline data for all public schools in Georgia. Aggregate data is provided on in- and out-of-school suspension rates, expulsion, the total number of disciplinary incidents, and the total number of students receiving disciplinary action. Data used in this dashboard are limited to data present in GA•AWARDS or received from GADOE.

High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard

This dashboard shows what high school graduates do after graduation. For each public high school, this interactive dashboard shows:

  • The percentage of graduates enrolled in college/university or working,
  • The top in-state and out-of-state colleges by enrollment, and
  • The percentage of students who earn a credential or degree within five years.

Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings

The Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings (GHLE) project provides information on earnings information for Georgia technical college and college/university graduates who work in Georgia after earning their degrees.  The project includes an interactive dashboard, report, and summary of findings that explore earnings patterns by degree type, program of study/major, and technical college and college/university.

Georgia School Grades Reports

The Georgia School Grades Reports website provides school reports for all public elementary, middle, and high schools in Georgia. The reports include A-F letter grades based on school performance as well as other information about schools, such as performance on state tests, the make-up of the student body, and the graduation rate.

    Schools Like Mine Dashboard

    The Schools Like Mine application allows parents, educators, and community members to find schools with similar student populations to their school. It also lists the school’s letter grade and College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) to allow for comparison of performance between the “like” schools.

    Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS) Evaluation

    This dashboard displays the Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS) Evaluation results by school and district. SWSS performance contracts provide local school districts with governance flexibility as a means to increase student achievement. Progress toward meeting those goals is monitored by GOSA on an annual basis and reported to the State Board of Education (SBOE).

    In 2019-2020, the spring administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessments were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the cancelation, 2020 CCRPI scores were not calculated.  Because the evaluation of progress toward SWSS targets and the Beating the Odds designations are based on CCRPI Single Scores, the 2019 publication provides the most recent data available.