Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings

The Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings (GHLE) project provides information on earnings information for Georgia technical college and college/university graduates who work in Georgia after earning their degrees.  The GHLE dashboard, available at this link, is an interactive site that allows users to explore earnings patterns of graduates for the first and fifth years after graduation.  Users can view information by program of study/major, degree type, and Georgia public technical college or college/university.  The dashboard also provides earnings information for the most popular and highest earning degrees.

In conjunction with the GHLE dashboard, GOSA published a Download this pdf file. research report  that presents median, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile wages by degree category (certificate, bachelor’s, etc.), technical college or college/university, and program of study for the first and fifth year after graduation.  In addition, the report explores award patterns by gender and race/ethnicity.  The Download this pdf file. GHLE snapshot provides a summary of the findings of this report.

In addition to degree type and program of study, it is important to note that many factors, such as student ability/motivation, college selectivity, and job market conditions, affect earnings, so the results in this report and dashboard should not be interpreted as a guarantee of employment or earnings. 

Data for the report and dashboard are provided by Georgia’s Academic and Workforce Analysis and Research Data System (GA•AWARDS). GA•AWARDS is the state’s Pre-K through workforce (P-20W) longitudinal data system.  Student degree and certificate data are provided to GA•AWARDS by the University System of Georgia (USG), Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), Georgia Independent College Association (GICA), and the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The Georgia Department of Labor (GaDOL) provides wage data to GA•AWARDS, and the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) provides financial aid data.

Click here to view the dashboard.