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Education is foundational to our workforce and economy.  As Governor, I am committed to ensuring that our students have the ideal skills and training to live, work, and prosper in the Peach State. The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement works tirelessly to meet these objectives and keep our students safe, healthy, and equipped with the right tools for success.

In my first year as Governor, we made historic strides to strengthen our schools and empower teachers in the classroom:

  • $3,000 raise for teachers
  • Doubled funding for mental health counselors in Georgia schools
  • $30,000 in campus security grants for every public school – with complete local control
  • 2% merit pay increase for bus drivers and cafeteria workers
  • Fully funded Quality Basic Education for the second year in a row

By combining these resources and focusing on improving childhood literacy skills, we are putting Georgia students first so they can achieve bright, prosperous futures. Together, we will eliminate burdensome mandates in the classroom, reward the efforts of hardworking educators, and focus on improving our educational system for Georgia families across our state.

Governor Brian P. Kemp

Monthly Spotlight

GOSA Updates Report Card with 2018 Data

GOSA has updated the 2017-2018 Annual Report Card to include national testing, personnel, and fiscal data. The Report Card contains data on student test performance and demographics, as well as other information relevant to school performance and student achievement.

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Agency Vision

As the state's P-20 education agency, the Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) strives to increase student achievement, school completion, and life opportunities for all Georgia students.

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