Academic Auditing

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) serves as the reporting and accountability agency for education in Georgia. As such, it is charged by law (O.C.G.A. §20-14-26) with inspecting academic records of P-16 schools to ensure that education institutions are faithful to performance accountability requirements.

In 2008, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement launched its academic auditing program as an extension of its statutory role to report student progress and school completion in Georgia’s public schools. Through an academic audit, GOSA reviews student assessment data and other school records reported to the Georgia Department of Education to confirm accuracy and explore the effectiveness of local school initiatives in improving achievement. Valid data are crucial for improvement planning, education policy development, school funding, and determining the performance status of schools.

Education stakeholders with concerns about a Georgia public school or school system that would like GOSA to examine for a potential academic audit should complete and submit the Download this pdf file. Academic Auditing Referral form.

Reports: As GOSA completes academic audits of schools and local systems, it will make current reports available below for stakeholders.