CFC Program Reports and Case Studies

Annual Reports

Download this pdf file. 2017 Connections for Classrooms Annual Report (January 2018)

Download this pdf file. 2016 Connections for Classrooms Annual Report (December 2016)

Download this pdf file. 2015 Connections for Classrooms Annual Report (January 2016)

Case Studies

In summer 2016, GOSA partnered with Public Consulting Group to write case studies on five previous Connections for Classrooms grantees (Ben Hill County, Fulton County, Georgia School for the Deaf, Hall County, and Thomas County). Each case study tells a unique story about what the increased bandwidth and wireless has enabled in their schools. The case studies were released in December 2016.

Full Case Study Report

Download this pdf file. Connections for Classrooms Case Studies

Individual Case Studies

Download this pdf file. Transforming teaching and learning in rural Georgia: Piloting a one-to-one program for K-2 students (Ben Hill County) 

Download this pdf file. Personalized learning: Meeting the learning needs, skills, and interests of every student (Fulton County)

Download this pdf file. Online video: A critical tool in improving academic outcomes among deaf students (Georgia School for the Deaf)

Download this pdf file. Connected Learning: Wireless access helps transform all areas of a school into flexible learning spaces (Hall County)

Download this pdf file. How do you successfully administer Georgia Milestones online? (Thomas County)