Personalized Learning Grant

About the Personalized Learning Grant

The Personalized Learning (PL) grant, formerly Technology Tools for Teachers, strives to advance student achievement through personalized learning, which addresses the specific needs, skills, and interests of each individual student. Specifically, the PL grant aims to support teachers, schools, and districts in:

  • Implementing personalized instructional strategies to increase achievement;
  • Integrating instructional technology tools as a resource to enhance personalized learning;
  • Utilizing ongoing professional support in the form of modeling and coaching to increase the effectiveness of school staff; and
  • Establishing a school framework for sustainability and building capacity for personalized learning.

To accomplish these goals, PL grants support 14 schools across four school districts. Participating schools were chosen from the Turnaround Eligible Schools list. Over two and a half years, eight first through eighth grade teachers from each school will receive instructional technology and ongoing professional development. 

Current grant opportunities are closed at the present time; please continue to check back for new grant opportunities.

Participating Schools:

Bibb County School District - Report on Program to date (8/17/2020)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
Southfield Elementary School
Veterans Elementary School

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools - Report on Program to date (8/17/2020)
Brock Elementary School
Haven Elementary School
Hodge Elementary School

Dougherty County School System - Report on Program to date (8/17/2020)
Alice Coachman Elementary School
Robert H. Harvey Elementary School
Northside Elementary School

Muscogee County School District - Report on Program to date (8/17/2020)
Brewer Elementary School
Dorothy Height Elementary School
Davis Elementary School
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Rothschild Middle School