Connections for Classrooms 2014 Grant Application Information

The grant application window is closed. The table below provides instructions, supporting documentation, and templates for LEAs who have received a Connections for Classrooms grant.

If you have any questions about the grant program, please contact Steve Korwan at [email protected].





2014 Grant Award Procedures Document

This document provides an overview of grant award documents and outlines the processes for contract execution, reimbursement requests, monthly progress reports, project change requests, 

*Updated December 23, 2014

Review this document to understand the processes for grant awards Download this pdf file. Download document here.
2014 Grant Program Guidelines

This document provides detailed information on the grant program from start to finish. The Appendix includes the two rubrics, education-centric and technology-centric, that will be used to score applications.

*Updated July 3, 2014 (Section 5.2 updated)

Review this document first before beginning application process. Download this pdf file. Download guidelines here.
2014 Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This documents includes common questions and answers on general grant information, the application process, grant use, and timing of expenditures.

*Updated August 1, 2014

Read this document as needed throughout the process.

Download this pdf file. Download FAQs here.

2014 Grant Program Eligible Expenses List

This list shows what expenses are eligible and ineligible for reimbursement by tier.

*Updated December 10, 2014

Review this document when determining whether an expenditure is grant allowable. Download this pdf file. Download list here.
2014 Grant Application Evaluation RubricsEach application will be reviewed by at least two educational impact reviewers and two technical reviewers. Each reviewer type has a rubric that totals 50 possible points.Review these documents when developing grant request.

Download this pdf file. Download educational impact rubric here.

Download this pdf file. Download technical rubric here.