Dear Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

During this giving season, the gift of reading provides a child/adult a journey to a healthy and long life. For our December newsletter, we decided to provide information about ways school systems, nonprofit organizations and the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) are making literacy a focus and priority.

Our workforce is the theme of so many meetings we attend these days. The connection between reading skills and work is coming to the forefront. Literacy skills have always been foundational to a livable wage and healthy lives, but now, more than ever, when artificial intelligence, robotics and other yet-to-be discovered skills require employees to possess reading skills allowing them to continuously learn and adapt to new environments.

Speaker David Ralston was an advocate for education and literacy improvements. He will forever be remembered for his gentle, but firm, leadership, and his collaborative work to accomplish the mental health parity bill. In one of his last endeavors, Speaker Ralston appointed members to the House Study Committee on Literacy. GOSA is honored to be serving on this committee and appreciate the House leadership for keeping this issue at the forefront.

Finally, during the holidays, especially, take time to read and talk to children. They will love every minute of it, and you will enjoy the sweet hugs.

All the best this holiday season,


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  • House Study Committee on Literacy
  • Growing Readers
  • Bulloch County’s Literacy Work
  • Adult Literacy and Workforce