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Jayashree Krishnan, Chief Data and Analytics Strategist, with the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), was recently named as a Strategic Data Project (SDP) Fellow. SDP is a program based at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.

SDP offers Fellows a rich complement of professional development designed to boost skills and knowledge in three key areas: (1) measurement and analysis, (2) leadership/ management and effective communication, and (3) research findings in education policy. The professional development will take place over the course of two-years.

Fellows are current employees who have been identified as data/analytic leaders in their agency. They are the rising stars of their organization who, with additional training and attention, will take on executive-level roles. By participating in the fellowship, both fellows and their host agencies will grow advanced analytic capacity, develop clear priorities and plans for data use and data systems, build organizational willingness to use data for decision-making, and uncover valuable insight about performance. To date, SDP has partnered with 94 education agencies across the country and engaged with seven cohorts of fellows totaling over 220 fellows and alumni in the field.

“GOSA has an opportunity to advance our talent to the next level. Jaya will learn new skills and advances in implementing innovative solutions to our most pressing education challenges that will benefit her professional growth and her work for Georgia’s educators and students. We are grateful for the opportunity SDP is providing to a leader in state government, Jaya Krishnan,” stated Joy Hawkins, Executive Director, GOSA.


About the Strategic Data Project

Based at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, the Strategic Data Project’s mission is to transform the use of data in education to improve student achievement. Better access to appropriately analyzed data will allow system leaders to better diagnose issues, develop solutions, and monitor the results of implementing these solutions. Our theory of action is that if we bring together the right people, assemble the right data, and perform the right analysis, we can improve the decisions that leaders make such that student achievement improves significantly.

About the Strategic Data Project Partnership

The SDP Partnership is an intensive capacity-building program that places new data strategists and trains existing talented data strategists in education agencies to have an immediate impact on policy decisions that affect student outcomes. It includes extensive training in measurement and analysis, leadership and change management, and education policy.