Interactive Education Data Map

To view the interactive data map, click here.

Instructions for Accessing and Manipulating the Map and Scatter Plot

Javascript plugins need to be enabled for the map to work correctly.

The data displayed in the map are linked to both the data table and the scatterplot, meaning that if you select data in the data table or dots in the scatterplot, the corresponding areas on the map will be highlighted.

Map: To change the variable being mapped, click on the legend title ("CCRPI – All Grade Levels") and select a category from the left side of the table and a variable from the right side of the table.

Scatter plot: To change the variables on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axes, simply click on any axis title and select different variables for each axis. Also notice the thin line - this is a regression line that shows "neatness" of fit. It shows the relationship between the two variables. Any point that is a significant distance from the line is an "outlier," meaning that the expected relationship (the line) does not hold.  Any point that is not within the scatterplot does not have data for at least one of the variables.

Data table: At the very bottom, there is a tiny box. If you click it, it will expand and reveal a data table. If you then click on the wrench in the upper-left corner, you can use the selector to add whatever data you want to the table. Once you are finished, export it as a .CSV file.

If you are interested in a small area, choose the "select" tool - underneath the zoom bar on the map and next to the little hand icon - and draw a box around the area that you want to analyze in-depth. Then on the menu bar, click "Subsets", then "Create subsets from selected records." You'll notice that both the legend and the scatter plot changed to reflect only the area that was selected.

About the Map

This interactive education data map includes district-level data on:

  • Student mobility
  • Student demographics
  • Standardized test performance
  • College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores
  • Community demographics

Neighborhood Nexus created this interactive map using Weave, an interactive mapping and visualization platform.  To view more maps created by Neighborhood Nexus, click here.