GOSA Releases High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard

January 25, 2016

Today, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement launched the High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard.  This dashboard shows what public high school graduates do after graduation, providing actionable information for parents and educators to strengthen high school and postsecondary collaboration.

For each graduating class from 2007 to 2014, this interactive dashboard shows:

  • The number of graduates;
  • Where students enrolled in college/universities;
  • The percentage of students working in Georgia;
  • The top in-state and out-of-state colleges/universities by enrollment;
  • The percentage of students who complete a degree or certificate;
  • The highest degree earned after five years; and
  • The percentage of students requiring remediation at Georgia public colleges in English and math.

As an example, the class of 2007 had 75,769 graduates from across the state. Here are some interesting facts about these students:

  • One year later, 60% of them were enrolled in a Georgia public or private college, technical college, or university. 10% were enrolled in an out-of-state college, and 20% were working in Georgia but were not enrolled in any postsecondary work.
  • Five years later, just 33% of the class of 2007 had earned some kind of postsecondary credential (certificate, associates, bachelors, or masters), and 23% were still enrolled but had not earned a credential. 43% were working without a credential and were not enrolled.
  • The University of Georgia was the top in-state choice for the Class of 2007. Auburn University was the top out-of-state choice.
  • Of students who attended public colleges/universities in Georgia, 14.2% required remediation in English, and 24.1% required remediation in math.

The dashboard allows users to look at these same measures for each high school in the state for all high school classes between 2007 and 2014.

Data for the High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard are from GA•AWARDS, Georgia’s longitudinal data system for Pre-K through workforce (P20W) education and workforce data.

To view the dashboard, click here.