Today, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement released the 2018 Innovation Fund Annual Report. The report summarizes the Innovation Fund's work over the past year, including its grant programs and grants awarded. It also profiles current grantees that are fulfilling the Innovation Fund’s mission of transforming education for Georgia’s students.

About the Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund provides a pipeline of grant programs that helps public education entities design, pilot, redesign, implement, and scale radically innovative education programs that maximize student achievement and transform education for Georgia’s students. In 2011, the Innovation Fund began as a $19.4 million grant competition created under Georgia’s Race to the Top plan. To continue the Innovation Fund’s work beyond RT3, Governor Deal has appropriated state funding since Fiscal Year 2015. Since its inception, the Innovation Fund has invested over $38 million of state and federal funding through grants to school districts, charter schools, postsecondary institutions, and nonprofit organizations to pilot innovative education programs, ranging in focus from teacher and leader induction and development to STEAM (science, technology, engineering arts and math) applied learning, blended learning, and birth to age eight language and literacy development. Learn more about the Innovation Fund here.