Dear Colleagues, Friends and Partners,

This month’s GOSA newsletter is focused on the Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) for several reasons. First, if you are a teacher or educator and you know of students who would be interested in pursuing challenging instruction on a college campus during the summer, please take time to nominate these students in upcoming years. Every school system has students who would benefit from participation. 

The other compelling reason for this focus on GHP is because for the first time since the program’s creation in 1963, we had to cancel the 2020 program due to COVID-19. We were heartbroken for the 660 high school juniors and senior finalists who had dreamed of attending GHP, went through rigorous auditions and interviews, and made it to the finals. While the 2020 rising seniors are now in college, the 2020 rising junior finalists (180) have an opportunity to attend in 2021, and we are committed to having them participate. While GHP has been funded solely with state funds in the past, to expand the program in 2021, the GHP Steering committee is working toward financially securing the opportunity for the 2020 junior finalists (180) as well as a new class of 650 rising junior and senior finalists can attend the 2021 GHP.

Thousands of students are among our GHP Alumni list, and many of those who are most grateful are those who had never left their small communities before their GHP experience gave them the opportunity to engage in educational projects in ways they could not imagine. 

May your holiday season be safe, peaceful and richly blessed.

Joy Hawkins
Executive Director

What is the Governor’s Honors Program?

The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program is a four-week, residential summer program that offers the state’s most gifted and talented rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to study with similar students on a college campus. This life changing experience has been available to students since 1964; it allows student participation in academic, cultural and social enrichment. Students apply to attend GHP for one of 11 available majors in academic studies or fine arts and during their time on-campus. They can also develop personally and academically by selecting an additional elective outside of their major area.

GHP completed its 55th iteration in 2019 on the campus of Berry College. Students’ classroom experiences were supplemented with residence life and social opportunities outside of scheduled class hours within the bounds of a closed and secure college campus. In 2019, 644 students from 70 Georgia counties attended the program.

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