The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) has updated and released the data for the 2020-2021 Georgia Education Report Card: Pre-Kindergarten; K-12 Public Schools; University System; Technical College System and Georgia Military College.
These data are updated annually as part of GOSA’s Mission to provide educators, parents, students and community stakeholders with valuable information that supports efforts toward improving education opportunities for all students in Georgia.
Please keep in mind that the current data have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. These can be used for reference as we move forward but should not be utilized as a specific measure of performance without considering the context and potential influence of the pandemic.
Some data that are typically provided will not be available for FY2021: Accountability - CCRPI Indicators; Financial Efficiency Star Ratings.
And due to ongoing impacts related to the pandemic, some data are not yet available but will be released soon. These data are currently unavailable for this release of the 2021 Report Card but will be added as they are finalized:

  • In the Pre-K section of the Report Card
    • Department of Early Care and Learning – Head Start Program Participation
  • In the K-12 Section of the Report Card
    • Personnel & Fiscal - Per Pupil Expenditures
    • Educator and Teacher Qualifications
    • Assessment Participation Rates
    • ACT Exam results

The data within the Report Card have also been uploaded to our Downloadable Data page within these categories: Advanced Placement (AP) Scores; Attendance; Certified Personnel; Dropout Rate 7-12; Dropout Rate 9-12; Enrollment by Grade Level; Enrollment by Subgroup Programs; Graduation Rate (4-year); Graduation Rate (5-year); High School Completers; HOPE Eligibility; Retained Students; Revenues and Expenditures; Salaries and Benefits; SAT Scores (Highest); SAT Scores (Recent).
GOSA’s other K-12 data dashboards, including the High School Graduate Outcomes and the Schools Like Mine dashboardsK12 Student Discipline Dashboard and Higher Learning and Earnings dashboard, will be updated in January 2022.