Governor's School Leadership Academy

The Governor’s School Leadership Academy (GSLA) provides high-quality, selective, statewide leadership preparation and support designed to develop high-capacity school leaders across Georgia. The GSLA targets four levels of educational practice in order to significantly impact educators in all phases of their careers – from induction to school and district leadership

Taken together, the four components of the GSLA are designed to develop and retain teachers in their first years of practice and to offer pathways for teachers to become transformational leaders in a variety of roles throughout their careers. In partnership with Gwinnett County Public Schools, the Office of School Improvement at the Georgia Department of Education, The College of Education at Georgia Southern University, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC), and the 16 Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs), the GSLA will help ensure that every Georgia school is led by transformational leaders capable of maximizing student achievement. 

Through its four independent programs, the GSLA and its partners serve teachers and leaders in four critical areas of practice: 

  • Induction Teacher Program: Serves teachers in years 1-3 of practice;
  • Teacher Leader Program: Serves teachers with 5 or more years of experience who are interested in exploring leadership roles inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Aspiring Principal Program: Serves educators who serve in a district with a federally identified school, have 3 or more years of effective practice, an expressed desire to become a principal, and the recommendation of their current district superintendent;
  • Principal Support Program: Serves principals who are currently serving in a federally designated (CSI, TSI, Promise, or SIG) school.

For all of these programs, the GSLA employs a three-tiered structure that incorporates: 

  1. face-to-face cohort meetings designed to build knowledge on research and best practices,
  2. job-embedded assignments to practice data-driven decision-making and develop each participant’s cultural competence, and
  3. onsite and virtual coaching opportunities with former Georgia educators and principals possessing a track record of success in developing school leaders. 

These components reinforce the need for an instruction-focused, collaborative model of school leadership and establish a network of support for school leaders across the state. 

For more information on the current cohorts, visit the Principal Support Program and Aspiring Principal Program. We will have updated information shortly on the Teacher Leader Program and Induction Teacher Program.

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