Statewide Longitudinal Data System (GA•AWARDS)

GA•AWARDS or Georgia’s Academic and Workforce Analysis and Research Data System is the state’s Pre-K through workforce (P20W) longitudinal data system.  It is comprised of education and workforce data from participating state agencies with the goal of linking and providing meaningful and actionable education and workforce data to participating agencies that support research and informed decision-making.

GA•AWARDS includes specific data elements from the following agencies:

  • Bright from the Start: Department of Early Care & Learning – DECAL
  • Georgia Department of Education – GaDOE
  • State Charter Schools Commission – SCSC
  • Georgia Student Finance Commission – GSFC
  • University System of Georgia - USG
  • Technical College System of Georgia – TCSG
  • Georgia Independent College Association – GICA
  • Georgia Professional Standards Commission – PSC
  • Georgia Department of Labor – GDOL
  • Governor’s Office of Student Achievement – GOSA

GA•AWARDS is housed within the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and governed by the Alliance of Education Agency Heads' Data Management Committee.  The Data Management Committee provides input and oversight of the activities of GA•AWARDS.  A key area of oversight is access to this data system, and at this time only researchers from the listed agencies are allowed access.  In addition to GOSA and the Data Management Committee, GA•AWARDS is supported by data, tools and researchers at each of the participating agencies.

GA•AWARDS uses a data matching algorithm to consolidate data across multiple participating agencies.  De-identified student level data are returned to designated researchers from participating organizations for research.  This service allows researchers access to cross-agency data in support of broader research focus areas.

Key research topics and advocacy areas include: (1) effectiveness of educator preparation programs; (2) effectiveness of strategies and interventions implemented within the State, and (3) educational background of students who experience the least difficulty in transitioning to college.

Components of GA•AWARDS

  • National Center for Education Statistics Data Standard
  • Data Matching Algorithm to consolidate data across multiple education organizations
  • Standardized data warehouse accessible by researchers from all the participating organizations
  • Reports supported by SLDS like the High School Feedback Report and the State Educational Report Card

GA•AWARDS is fully compliant with Gov. Deal’s May 15, 2013 Executive Order that protects confidential student data.

Request GA•AWARDS Data for Academic Use

At this time, GA•AWARDS data are limited only to approved researchers affiliated with Georgia higher education institutions, and requires a rigorous application process in order to protect student privacy and the integrity of data usage.  For more information, click here.