The Georgia Rural AP STEM Initiative Grant is open to local education agencies (LEAs) or regional educational service agencies (RESAs) who:

  • wish to offer one of the eligible AP Courses (AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles or AP Statistics), and 
  • meet the definitions of both high-need and rural as defined below, and
  • participate in a required technical assistance day prior to application submission, and
  • complete all application materials.

Note: RESAs can apply in partnership with eligible district(s) within their service areas to provide a regionalized service and support model for implementation in identified RESA schools. (Eligible LEAs are identified in Appendix A).


  • High-Need: LEAs located in one of 71 Tier 1 counties using the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ annual job tax credit tiers are considered high-need. These counties represent the counties with the highest unemployment rates, lowest per capita incomes, and highest percentages of residents whose incomes are below the state poverty level.
  • Rural: LEAs are considered rural for the purposes of this grant if they serve fewer than 25 students per square mile. These LEAs must spend proportionally more funds per pupil since they serve a more dispersed population and do not have the economies of scale of larger districts. 

Note**: The three State Schools are also eligible. In addition, state charter schools that are located in a Tier 1 County and have an attendance zone in which all LEAs are eligible for the grant are also eligible. Using these criteria, the LEAs on the map in Appendix A are eligible.



Application Resources
Georgia Rural AP STEM Initiative Application Packet Round 2
Georgia Rural AP STEM Eligibility Criteria Initiative Round 2 (Click to Download)
Georgia Rural AP STEM Technical Assistance Workshop Round 2
Georgia Rural AP STEM Initiative Budget Template (Click to Download)
Georgia Rural AP STEM Initiative Scope of Work Template (Click to Download)
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