Grants & Initiatives

Current Grant Opportunities

This page provides a list of all current grant opportunities available through GOSA.

Connections for Classrooms

Connections for Classrooms is a grant program joining multiple state agencies around the common goal of ensuring Georgia schools and classrooms have the high-speed broadband access required for digital and blended learning. It is investing more than $65 million in state funds to build out network infrastructure in Georgia districts and state charter schools.

Demographics Do Not Equal Destiny

The Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), in conjunction with Georgia Public Broadcasting, is committed to providing actionable tools and resources to assist educators, families, and community stakeholders in advancing student academic achievement throughout the state.

Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program

The Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program aims to invest in community partnerships to support efforts to improve the early language and literacy development of Georgia’s young children. The Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program is a joint effort between GOSA and the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College to support collaborative partnerships in projects targeting birth to age eight language and literacy development needs.  These community partnerships may include childcare centers, public and private Pre-Ks, primary grades of elementary schools, local service agencies, and local nonprofits. Grants will be awarded in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to support innovative projects that develop or strengthen community initiatives targeting at least one of the four pillars of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign: Language Nutrition, Access, Positive Learning Climate, and Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness.  

Graduates Ready to Attain Success in Postsecondary (GRASP) Program

The Graduates Ready to Attain Success in Postsecondary (GRASP) Program Grant aims to support selected Georgia high schools as they work to increase student success in achieving high school graduation, completing postsecondary programs, and productively participating in the workforce. 

Innovation Fund

The Georgia Innovation Fund is committed to dramatically advancing student academic achievement throughout Georgia. It began as a $19.4 million fund under Georgia’s Race to the Top plan.  During Race to the Top, the Innovation Fund provided 23 grants to programs focused on providing applied learning opportunities, creating teacher and leader induction programs, growing the teacher and leader pipeline, or developing or expanding charter schools. 

To continue the Innovation Fund’s Work beyond Race to the Top, Governor Deal has appropriated state funding in Fiscal Years 2015, 2016, and 2017. With this funding, GOSA administers grants to organizations focused on planning, implementing or scaling programs aligned with the Innovation Fund’s priority areas.

Innovation in K-8 Math/K-12 Computer Science and Coding Grants

The Innovation in K-8 Mathematics and/or K-12 Computer Science/Coding Professional Learning Grants are designed to support the development and implementation of engaging, technology-enabled learning experiences that lead to an increase in student achievement and success in mathematics, Computer Science, and coding.  These grants are focused on improving instruction in the areas of mathematics and Computer Science/coding through targeted, intentional professional learning and will increase the availability of high-quality mathematics instruction and Computer Science/coding opportunities for students. These professional learning grants will also focus on innovative ways to increase the number and quality of application-based models that incorporate skills in coding and programming into mathematics and science classrooms or which foster application-based, authentic learning opportunities for students.

Innovation in Teaching Competition

The Innovation in Teaching Competition began as part of Georgia’s Race to the Top plan to create and support highly-effective teachers.  The competition has two main goals.  First, to recognize and reward educators from across our state who are using innovative strategies in teaching the CCGPS.  And second, to make videos of the winning teachers, along with their unit plans and supplementary materials, available to all Georgia educators.

Project Lead the Way

GOSA manages the contract that funds K-12 schools that are located in rural RESA areas to participate in national Project Lead The Way’s STEM programs.  These programs provide K-12 pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical sciences along with in-depth teacher professional development.   This contract allows students and educators opportunities to engage in a high-quality STEM-based curriculum.  

Reading Mentors Program (RMP)

The Reading Mentors Program provides support in literacy instruction for selected K-3 schools. Language and Literacy Specialists (LLSs) are assigned to selected schools across the state for three years to serve teachers and administrators during the school year.  Through formative assessments, coaching, and professional learning, the program strives to increase teacher and leader capacity to deliver high-quality literacy instruction.

Real Teachers, Real Voices

The Real Teachers, Real Voices campaign highlights exceptional educators around the state through video. The initiative stems from feedback from Deal's Teacher Advisory Committee. 

RESA Growing Readers Program

The Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) Growing Readers Program (GRP) is a K-3 literacy professional learning grant administered through GOSA. The program aims to provide consistent and high-quality professional learning to teachers on effective reading instruction to help more children read at grade level by the end of third grade. The GRP is part of GOSA’s goal to invest in universal RESA initiatives that ensure all regions in Georgia are receiving access to high-quality, replicable professional learning in reading instruction. 

Rural AP STEM Initiative

The Georgia Rural AP STEM Initiative is the result of a partnership between GOSA and College Board that is designed to create a vertical pathway to success in AP STEM courses in high-need, rural districts throughout Georgia.  The program’s goal is to strengthen the teaching of three AP STEM courses – AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Statistics – in order to (a) build enrollment and (b) increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying (3 or higher) scores on these three AP exams.  This grant opportunity will support pre-AP and AP teacher professional learning for AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Statistics.  Grant funds will provide personalized teacher development and support in developing rigorous Pre-AP and AP courses.


GOSA has developed the Words2Reading website, a web tool with curated resources for families, caregivers and teachers to help develop and sharpen early childhood language and literacy skills.