High School Graduates Outcomes Report (July 2016)

This report serves as a follow-up to the  Download this pdf file. “Georgia Students’ High School to College Transition” report  published by GOSA in 2009, which presents college enrollment by school system and investigates the relationship between college enrollment as well as student-level factors. This report goes beyond the previous report by adding a layer of analysis using newly available data from Georgia’s Academic and Workforce Analysis and Research Data System (GA•AWARDS) and investigates relationships at the high school level. The report also acts as a companion tool to the High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard, launched in January 2016, which allows users to drill down into the data from high school graduating classes between 2007 and 2014 and investigate where students enrolled in college, as well as the overall outcome of their enrollment.

Download this pdf file. Executive Summary
Download this pdf file. Full Report
Download this xls file. Downloadable Data