New Features Added to Georgia School Reports

January 26, 2017

Today, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement added new features to its Georgia School Reports website, which provides easy access to information about a school’s performance by compiling data from multiple sources into a single report. For each school in the state, the reports now also show the student mobility rate, college enrollment rate, School Climate Star Rating, and district per-pupil expenditures in comparison to state per-pupil expenditures. In addition, the reports also include a designation for schools that “Beat the Odds,” meaning that the school outperformed other schools with similar characteristics. A screenshot of a school is included below.

Beating the Odds is an annual analysis that calculates a school’s predicted CCRPI score based on its student demographics, enrollment size, and student mobility relative to other schools with similar characteristics. Schools with actual CCRPI scores that are statistically higher than the predicted CCRPI score are deemed to have “Beat the Odds.[i]” Schools that “Beat the Odds” are outperforming Georgia schools with similar characteristics but may still earn low scores and have significant areas where improvement is needed.

In addition to the school page updates, the reports now include district pages that provide the same information as the school pages. The pages also display each district’s Financial Efficiency Star Rating, which provides a comparison of district spending per student with overall academic performance.  

About Georgia School Reports

The Georgia School Reports website provides easy access to information about a school’s performance by compiling data from multiple sources into a single report. The report presents A-F letter grades for schools based on the CCRPI scores. These reports help parents, students, educators and communities have clear and concise school performance information so they better understand the strengths and challenges of their local schools. The CCRPI score, which ranges from 0 to 110, is based on state test scores, student growth on these tests, graduation rates and other factors.

In addition to the A-F letter grade, each school’s report includes student performance on the Georgia Milestones, enrollment demographics and other key indicators of student success. Website users can also utilize an interactive tool to compare their school to other schools, districts and the state. 

[i] For a school to “beat the odds,” the CCRPI actual score must be above the upper bound of the 95% confidence interval surrounding the predicted score. The calculation also uses the CCRPI without Challenge Points. To access the calculation guide, click here.