Education Data Dashboards

High School Graduate Outcomes Dashboard

This dashboard shows what high school graduates do after graduation. For each public high school, this interactive dashboard shows:

  • The percentage of graduates enrolled in college/university or working,
  • The top in-state and out-of-state colleges by enrollment, and
  • The percentage of students who earn a credential or degree within five years.


Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings

The Georgia Higher Learning and Earnings (GHLE) project provides information on earnings information for Georgia technical college and college/university graduates who work in Georgia after earning their degrees.  The project includes an interactive dashboard, report, and summary of findings that explore earnings patters by degree type, program of study/major, and technical college and college/university.


Schools Like Mine (Coming Soon)

The Schools Like Mine application will allow parents, administrators, and other stakeholders to search for schools that are similar to their own, or any other target school, on which to base the comparison. Users can choose from a selection of school characteristics they wish to highlight, which will receive extra weight when determining a list of comparable schools. 

Interactive Education Data Map

The Interactive Education Data Map provides stakeholders a customizable, visual representation of data throughout the state. The map includes district-level data on:

  • Student mobility
  • Student demographics
  • Standardized test performance
  • College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores
  • Community demographics