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GOSA aims to provide the community with access to information and data designed to deliver insights, and educate community personnel on statistics relevant to the state's educational objectives.

What's your goal?

  • Conduct research for a school-, district-, or statewide analysis
  • Analyze school performance
  • Learn what educational success looks like across the state of Georgia

Main Resource Categories


Report Card, Dashboards, and Data

Research, Evaluation, and Auditing


Additional Resources

Demographics ≠ Destiny (En Español)

A video series highlighting consistently high-performing Georgia public schools which demonstrate excellent student outcomes despite challenging student demographics. 

High School Graduate Outcomes

Over 10 years of High School graduates and their education progression —  This interactive dashboard shows what high school graduates do following graduation.  (This data-set currently contains 2007-2017 statewide data.)

Interactive Education Data Map

An interactive map that displays district-level data on:

  • Student mobility,
  • Student demographics,
  • Standardized test performance,
  • CCRPI scores, and
  • Community demographics.

Report Card

An annual report card that provides information relevant to school performance for a comprehensive view of schools, systems, and the state. 


External Resources

Governor's Office: Governs the state of Georgia.

GA•AWARDS (Georgia’s Academic and Workforce Analysis and Research Data System): Georgia's Pre-K through workforce longitudinal data system.

Georgia Department of Education: Governs public education in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning: Meets the child care and early education needs of Georgia's children and their families.