Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS) Evaluation

Visit the SWSS Evaluation Dashboard for 2017 results. The Year One results are also available as a downloadable file


Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS), formerly referred to as Investing in Educational Excellence (IE2), performance contracts provide local school districts with greater governance flexibility as a means to increase student achievement. Local Boards of Education (LBOE) can enter into multi-year contracts with the State Board of Education (SBOE) based on strategic plans developed in partnership with Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA). Such plans must identify specific school-level student achievement goals that are in addition to current federal accountability requirements.

GOSA and GaDOE work closely with districts to ensure that the school-level student achievement goals are sufficiently rigorous to warrant granting the flexibility requested by the local school district.

Progress toward meeting those goals is monitored by GOSA on an annual basis and reported to the State Board of Education (SBOE). If, at the end of the contract, any school has not met its performance goals for at least three years of the contract and is not meeting targets at the end of the contract, GOSA will recommend consequences to the SBOE.

By June 30, 2015, all districts in the state had to notify the GaDOE whether they intend to enter into SWSS contracts, become charter systems, or remain status quo systems. The site below provides more information on the flexibility and accountability for all Strategic Waiver School Systems.

SWSS Resources

In collaboration with the GaDOE, GOSA has revised its SWSS Evaluation Policy to provide more clarity to districts making flexibility decisions. The document outlines target setting and timelines for evaluation results. For more information on the flexibility and accountability portion of SWSS contract, the GaDOE’s September 2014 Presentation at the Georgia Education Leadership Institute provides more information.

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IE2 Performance Reports

Gwinnett County and Forsyth County were the first IE2 districts.  2009-2010 was the first year GOSA evaluated the performance of schools in these districts as part of the IE2 contract.  The evaluations for schools in Rabun County began in 2011-2012.  


Click here to view the IE2 evaluation policy for original IE2 districts prior to July 2015. 

Click here to view the GaDOE Guidance, updated September 9, 2013.

2009-2010 IE2 Evaluation

2010-2011 SIE2 Evaluation

2011-2012 IE2 Evaluation

August 22, 2013

2012-2013 IE2 Evaluation

June 12, 2014

2013-2014 IE2 Evaluation 

May 2015 Results Presentation to the State Board of Education
May 6, 2015