Governor's School Leadership Academy - District Sustainability Program

Program Description

Through a partnership between the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), and select Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs), the Governor’s School Leadership Academy (GSLA) District Sustainability Program is designed to deliver leadership development programs through existing educational support frameworks that Georgia has in place with the 16 RESA offices serving all 159 Georgia counties. 

Those school districts who are invited to participate, will assemble a diverse team of central office and school-based leaders to engage in a year-long iterative planning process that supports the development and or refinement of their leadership development programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will examine factors that influence the design of a leadership development program.
  • Participants will understand the role central office plays in designing and implementing a leadership development program.
  • Participants will develop or refine a comprehensive leadership development program based on district need

Criteria for Acceptance into this Program:

  • School district readiness to build or refine the way leaders are developed
  • Identify a diverse team of central office and school based leaders
  • Commitment to a year of planning inclusive of team work sessions
  • Bandwidth to complete the process through implementation the following year

Eligibility Requirements

  • Invitation to participate in the program. 
  • School district readiness to engage in the process

What do previous participants say about the GSLA District Sustainability Program?

Partnering with GSLA, to develop an aspiring leadership academy, has provided an engaging and well structured process. We have built a blended model,  job-embedded academy, that is sustainable and  loaded with high impact strategies. From developing curriculum, identifying a candidate pool and creating a training model, to the actual roll out, their process allowed time and space for our team to collaborate and evolve. The team at GOSA has been available and supportive each step of the way!” 
- Douglas County School System


Program Manager, District Support and Sustainability, Governor's School Leadership Academy Kimberly Turner