Governor's School Leadership Academy - Induction Teacher Support Program

    If you are interested in applying to one of the GSLA Induction Support programs, please contact Kimberly Creagh at [email protected]

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    Program Description

    This program is designed to offer targeted and authentic learning experiences to induction-level teachers; provide support for specific skills to increase participants’ knowledge and implementation of highly effective instructional practices to support their learners; and to strengthen the teacher workforce in an effort to address the Governor’s priority of investing in educators to improve retention rates of highly effective teachers in Georgia.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Participants will have the opportunity to engage with other teachers to explore highly effective instructional practices, discuss problems of practice, apply content to their context, and examine impact of GSLA Induction Teacher Support Program content on their teaching practice.
    • Participating teachers are expected to adapt and apply the strategies and information gained through the professional learning to their individual classroom instructional practices.
    • Through this process, teachers will connect theory and research with their practice; explore and apply high-leverage strategies; and develop and refine essential competencies and skills to increase their impact on student outcomes.

    Program Expectations

    Participating Induction-Level Teachers:

    • Participate in an orientation kick-off session.
    • Participate and actively engage in professional learning sessions.
    • Access and utilize asynchronous on-demand learning modules.
    • Implement/transfer the program content and related strategies to their individual instructional practice.
    • Engage in coaching support sessions with the GSLA coach and cohort peers.

    District and School Leaders:

    • Acknowledge the participating teacher is expected to Implement/transfer the program content and related strategies to their individual instructional practice.
    • Acknowledge the GSLA coach’s support is non-evaluative.

    What do previous participants say about the GSLA Induction Teacher Support Program?

    “This experience helped provide a wealth of instructional strategies that are beneficial to teaching. Even more importantly, we were able to see the strategies used each session and given ideas of how they are used in each classroom”

    “Prior to GSLA, I didn't have the confidence to speak out in PLC meetings. I felt as a new teacher, I just didn't have much to offer. After GSLA, I'm now a valuable resource to my team. I offer suggestions and will challenge the team to do something differently.”

    “[GSLA] impacted my instructional practice a lot because I got better at teaching, planning, and student engagement.” 


    Senior Program Manager, Induction Support Programs, Governor's School Leadership Academy Kimberly Creagh