GHP Steering Committee

The Governor’s Honors Program Steering Committee was established in 2019 as a response to potentially devastating budget cuts for GHP, to advocate on behalf of the program, engage fellow alumni members, and fundraise for annual goals.

Most recently, thanks to the efforts of the GHP Steering Committee's fundraising efforts, all 180 2020 rising juniors whose GHP Summer experience had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, were able to join back into the 2021 Summer Program.

In 2022, the GHP Steering Committee fundraising goal is to establish and fund cybersecurity and computer science courses for the summer program, aligning with state industry needs. They are also organizing a first ever GHP college and career fair with the hopes of showing our GHP students’ positive paths forward for higher education and careers here in Georgia.

If you would like to donate to the GHP Summer Program, please visit (Georgia Foundation for Public Education) and be sure to write Governor’s Honors Program in the “Please designate this donation to the following project" field.



GHP Steering Committee members answer the question, "Why GHP is important to me":

  • Carmen Bergman, Dulany Industries, Inc.

    During my school years I always craved more – more conversations with my teachers about esoteric subjects, more kids who liked to discuss what many of my peers considered “nerdy” topics, and more opportunities to explore the world around me. GHP offered that to me (and more!), and I want to help other students across Georgia experience that same life-changing experience.

  • Don Boila, Peachtree Government Relations

    GHP is a vital resource to public school children who may not have access to programs not available in their district. It also gives children a chance to be exposed to their peers with like interests.

  • Patrick Connell, Connell, Thaw & Ruberti

    GHP provided a unique opportunity to explore my scholarly and social potential with many wonderful and similarly-situated peers for an extended time, offering an excellent sampling of what I could expect of college life.

  • Madeline Feely, GHP Alumna 2019

    Governor's Honors Program allowed me to grow with a cohort of individuals who are as motivated and passionate as I was. GHP continues to offer these opportunities to other students across the state, and provide the opportunity to pursue passions and knowledge without boundaries.

  • Houston Gaines, State Representative (HD117)

    GHP gave me so many opportunities to meet individuals across the state and form relationships that continue to this day - I am so grateful for my time at GHP and know it has made a positive impact on my life, and so many others.

  • Tyler Harper, State Senator (SD07)

    Without my experience in the agricultural sciences program at GHP, as well as the entire GHP program, I would not have had the opportunity to expand my academic horizons nor the opportunity to build the relationships and lifetime friendships which have all been integral to my success professionally, personally, and politically.

  • Vance Hurst, Colquitt County School District

    GHP is important to me because it is an avenue for really bright students all over the state to work with others that are their intellectual peers. Coming from a rural area of the state, it is common for our brightest students to be on an academic island by themselves when they are in school.  Going to GHP shows them that they aren't alone, and that their hard work will pay off once they move beyond the secondary school. The years that I taught at GHP helped mold me into the effective teacher that I am today. It gave me the opportunity to try new and innovative curricular ideas without having to worry about the academic implications if it didn't all go as planned.

  • Cade Joiner, Shred-X Corporation

    I didn't know it at the time, but I was standing next to the future generation of leaders during my days at GHP. Those relationships have created a foundation for professional growth, and invaluable friendships, in my life.

  • Zahra Karinshak, Krevolin & Horst

    Coming from rural Georgia, GHP-84 opened my eyes to the many opportunities that exist if you just work hard and believe in yourself.  And, I enjoyed finding lifelong friends from across Georgia. 

  • Jonathan Martin, GHP 2017 Alumnus

    GHP provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with some of the brightest students in the state while providing academic and social enrichment.

  • Scott McAfee, State Inspector General Office

    GHP is important to me because it taught the value of learning for learning's sake, left me with forever friends, and provided a summer full of memories I'll never forget.

  • Christie Moore, Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber

    GHP  is important to me because being a participant had such a positive impact on my life. Connections I made at GHP have become life-long friends and have supported me throughout my professional career 

  • Jade Morey, Palladian Strategies

    The Governor's Honors Program was an invaluable experience that helped shape the outlook and trajectory of my life in so many positive ways. It was especially fulfilling to attend a program that my Mother had attended in Dance in the 1980's. This kindred fraternal experience is something that will stay with both of us for the rest of our lives. I am grateful for the State of Georgia for continuing to support such an enriching and special program.

  • Raymond Partolan, Kuck Baxter Immigration LLC

    GHP is important to me because, at a time when I was undocumented and felt like the prospect of going to college was bleak, GHP provided me with an opportunity to experience a similar, formative environment.

  • Pooja Prabakaran, GHP Alumna 2019

    GHP fosters the true joy of learning and a beautiful community of passionate, forward-thinking individuals!

  • Rhonda Price, DeKalb County

    GHP is important to me because it is a continuous reminder of the need to nurture hope, brilliance, potential and talent which lies within the youth of the state of Georgia.

  • Paige Pushkin, Georgia Foundation for Public Education

    GHP is important to me because the mission of the Georgia Foundation for Public Education is to support educational excellence for students in Georgia—and we know GHP is providing that excellence to the students that attend.

  • Brian Srikanchana, Cadet Portfolio

    GHP is important because its existence and culture celebrates the joy of learning and applying knowledge for its own sake, providing a deep learning experience without grades as the motivation for Georgia's future  leaders. 

  • Paula Weeks, Georgia Foundation for Public Education

    GHP provides Georgia students the opportunity to build on their strengths and passions in a particular field of study. This investment will benefit students as they discover their path for the future. 

  • Michael Woolfman, University of Georgia

    GHP is important to me because it provides an environment that stimulates both academic and personal development deeper than any other environment that I have experienced, encouraging individuals to grow beyond the classroom into holistic leaders.