Semifinalist & Finalist Selection Process

Semifinalist Notification

  • After applications are scored all nominees will be notified of their status through their online application account on February 2nd. Nominees selected as semifinalists will be invited to attend the semifinalist event on February 24th.
  • Semifinalists’ interview times will be determined by the time preferences parents selected on the permission form at the start of the online application process. GHP will make every effort to honor the top two choices parents selected for interview times.  In a few instances this may not be possible. GHP’s goal is to ensure that families are provided with the ability to make the most appropriate plans for their individual situations and to allow students the time and rest needed to prepare for the interview event. GHP will notify semifinalists and parents of their interview time via email.

Finalist Notification

  • Semifinalists selected as finalists will be invited to attend the summer program. Finalists will be notified through their online application account on March 22, 2024 and will be provided with instructions to complete the acceptance tasks. The deadline for completion will be April 12, 2024.
  • It is the responsibility of finalists to formally accept or decline their attendance offer via their online application account. The Acceptance Checklist, with specific information regarding GHP acceptance, will be communicated via email and will also be made available through the online application.
  • Nominees selected as alternates will also be alerted of their status on May 31, 2024. If a finalist does not accept or is unable to attend, the GHP office will contact alternates as soon as a space becomes available.


(Updated 08/2023)