Requirements for Participation

  • Be a current sophomore or junior enrolled in a Georgia public school district, private school, state charter or homeschooled.
  • Declare an area of nomination in only one subject
  • Have demonstrated high aptitude and high interest in the area of nomination. Experience can be determined based off schoolwork, standardized test scores, or extracurricular activities outside of the typical classroom environment.
  • Participate in the local selection process.
  • If nominated a student will be required to complete the state online application.
  • Commit to participation in the state level interviews/auditions (Semifinalist Event) as scheduled by the GHP office, if selected as a state semifinalist. 
  • Commit to participation in the summer program for the entire residential period if selected as a state finalist, including opening and closing days.  
    • Inability to meet the attendance requirement will result in disqualification for consideration, and, if selected for participation, can result in dismissal from the program. Exceptions to the attendance requirement will be rare, will be limited to true emergencies, and will require approval by the GHP Program Manager Ricky Parmer.
  • Students shall participate in the GHP summer residential program one time only.


(Updated 09/2022)