Local Selection Process

*Students MUST be nominated by a Georgia Public School District, Private School, or a Georgia State Charter School.

The student selection process has several steps, the first of which varies by district/private school. Home school students should contact the district coordinator for the school system he/she is designated to attend.  Each district/private school may create its own process for choosing nominees for GHP.

District/private school level nominees should demonstrate exceptional skills and talent in academic or creative fields, superior ability in the area of nomination, and the social and emotional maturity required to thrive in an intensive, residential setting for the duration of the program. 

For information about being nominated for GHP, please contact the GHP Coordinator for your high school/school district, or contact the Programs Specialist below for your school’s Coordinator information.


Home School Students:
Home school students interested in participating in the GHP nomination process will be directed to the GHP coordinator of the local school systems in which they reside.  The home school student’s parent/guardian will submit a copy of his/her Declaration of Intent to Home School (DOI) to the local district to verify that the home school student is compliant with Georgia’s home study law O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.  Upon verification, the student will be eligible for consideration for local nomination to the Governor’s Honors Program.  Each district will receive a home school quota based on district student population.  Home school nominations within this quota will NOT count against the system nomination totals.  Home school quotas will be included in the total quota email to coordinators. Unused home school quotas CANNOT be used for district nominations.

Local nominations shall be conducted without regard to the public or home school enrollment status to provide a fair and equal opportunity for all constituents.

NOTE: If the parent does not have a copy of their DOI, he or she may contact the Georgia Department of Education