Local Selection Process

Students who wish to be nominated to the Governor’s Honors Program MUST be nominated by a Georgia Public School District, Private School, or a State Charter School.

Each public school district, private school and state charter may create its own process for choosing nominees for GHP. The selection criteria can vary depending on the district or school. GHP requires that the process be fair, equitable, and comply with any state or federal requirements for those with disabilities. The local selection process usually occurs between August to early November.

Each public school district, private school and state charter has a dedicated GHP Coordinator that manages the local selection process to determine the students nominated to GHP. To learn about the local selection process contact a school administrator or counselor for further details.  

Potential nominees should demonstrate exceptional skills and talent in academic or creative fields, superior ability in the area of nomination, and the social and emotional maturity required to thrive in an intensive, residential setting for the duration of the program. Experience gathered outside of the normal classroom environment is not only accepted but expected in GHP caliber students.

If you are an administrator for a public school district, private school or state charter that does not have a designated GHP Coordinator please contact GHP directly.    


Home School Students:
Home school students interested in being nominated to GHP should contact the school district (school system he/she is designated to attend) to learn more about the local selection process. The home school student’s parent/guardian will submit a copy of his/her Declaration of Intent to Home School (DOI) to the local district to verify that the home school student is compliant with Georgia’s home study law O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690.  Upon verification, the student will be eligible to participate in the local selection process outlined by the school district. 

NOTE: A copy of the Declaration of Intent to Home School (DOI) may be requested by contacting the Georgia Department of Education


(Updated 08/2023)