Application Process

Online Application

  • Students nominated by the local district for GHP, will be notified by the GOSA office, via email, and provided with a link to the GHP online application system (WizeHive). Students must ensure they provide a valid email address (not a shared account with a parent/guardian or sibling) when creating and completing their online application. GHP will use this email address when sharing critical communication with student nominees and local district/school contacts.
  • Once students have registered an account with the online application, a parent permission form must be completed by the parent/legal guardian of the student.  If this task is not completed, the student will not be able to complete and submit the online application.  Parent/legal guardian email contact information is required as all communications will be conducted through email.
  • Once the student applications have been received through the online application portal, they will be submitted to content area experts for review.  Part of the online application process will include student submission of a task which is specific to the major/discipline.  For example, a student nominated in social studies will submit an essay, while a dance nominee will submit a short video of his or her dancing technique.  Reviewers for each content area will use a scoring rubric to rate each application.  Once all applications have been reviewed, the scores will be tabulated, and this process will generate a list of semifinalists to be invited to the state level interviews.  All students who submit an application in the online system will be recognized for their achievements as a district/school nominee, and will be awarded certificates for being nominated to the state level competition. 
  • A PDF copy of the online application will be released in November to assist with the process.
  • Students track the status of their applications and acceptances via their GHP online application accounts. Nominees are responsible for monitoring their accounts and contacting the GOSA office if the process seems to be delayed, or if there are questions about specific application requirements. GHP does not maintain a social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) presence.   Students should not rely on social media sites for accurate information about the nomination process.  Please contact the GHP office directly for questions about the selection process.


  • Each student must have one teacher in his/her area of nomination provide a recommendation.  Each student must have a school counselor or another administrative designee provide verification information required for the GHP online application. 
  • It is important that students discuss the recommendation requests with their teachers before submitting their names within the online application. A correct email address is needed for both persons completing the recommendation and verification portion of the GHP online application.  The system immediately contacts the teacher and counselor/administrative designee by email after students submit their names and email addresses. It is best if each person is anticipating this request.

High School Transcript

  • GHP requires that a school counselor or administrator submit a transcript(s) which covers all years of high school/secondary school education. The transcript(s) must include an explanation of the school's grading system and include grades from the most recent school term.

Standardized Test Scores

  • Standardized test results are ONLY required in the areas of mathematics and science.  Mathematics and science applicants who have not had the opportunity to take the PSAT, SAT or ACT should make plans to do so as soon as possible.  Please be aware that applicants cannot send scores directly to GOSA from the College Board or ACT websites.
  • Mathematics and science semifinalists (invited to the state interview) must bring a copy (originals are not required) of additional PSAT, SAT, ACT test scores to the state interviews if they were received after the application deadline.

Semifinalist Notification

  • Applications will be reviewed by college faculty, high school teachers, and GHP program staff. All admission decisions (invitation to interview, acceptance, etc.) are communicated via email, and they are sent directly to the applicant.  District/private school coordinators will also be notified.
  • Semifinalists are those students who have been selected to attend the state level interviews.  These students have been nominated by their district or private school, have successfully completed the application process, have had their online applications scored, and have obtained an application score that moves them to semifinalist status.
  • Semifinalists will receive notice of an invitation to the state level interview through their WizeHive application account on February 4th. GOSA is not responsible for delays in enrollment, missed deadlines, or failure to respond within required timelines for students who do not adequately monitor their email accounts or the online application process.
  • Semifinalists will have indicated interview time preferences in their original application, and every effort will be made to honor the students’ first or second choices.  In a few instances this may not be possible.  GOSA’s goal is to ensure that families are provided with the ability to make the most appropriate plans for their individual situations and to allow students the time and rest needed to prepare for the actual interview event.  GOSA will notify semifinalists of their interview dates and times via email.
  • Parents will have indicated interview time preferences in the parent permission form section of the online application, and every effort will be made to honor the students’ first or second choices.

Finalist Notification

  • Finalists are those students who have been selected to attend GHP. Finalists will be notified through their WizeHive application account on March 25, 2022, and will be provided with instructions to complete the acceptance process. The deadline for completion will be April 4, 2022.
  • It is the responsibility of the finalists, applicants who are offered admission to the summer program, to formally accept or decline the offer via the online application portal. The Acceptance Checklist, with specific information regarding GHP acceptance, will be communicated via email and will also be made available through the online application portal.
  • Alternates will also be alerted of their status as an alternate on March 25, 2022.  If a finalist does not accept or is unable to attend, the GHP office will contact the alternates as soon as a space becomes available.


Updated 09/2021