Requirements for Participation

  • Students shall be nominated to the state in only one subject area, by the subject area instructor, with the approval of the student and parent/guardian and following the district/school nomination process.  Qualified students may be nominated in consultation with their private teachers in subject areas the school does not offer (dance, piano, strings etc.). Students nominated at the school level by more than one teacher should choose the area in which they prefer to be nominated.
  • Students shall participate in the GHP summer residential program one time only, i.e., students who attended the 2021 program as rising juniors may not be re-nominated for the 2022 program.
  • Students nominated to the 2021 program as sophomores who did not participate in the program last summer may be nominated for the 2022 program.
  • An official transcript of each nominee’s high school grades must be submitted electronically by the appropriate school official.

All students nominated by the local school system/private school must:

  • Be a current sophomore or junior.
  • Have his/her nomination originate with the subject area teacher (or home school parent) and approved by the student and parent/guardian.
  • Have demonstrated high aptitude and high interest in the area of nomination.
  • Commit to participation in the state level interviews as scheduled by the GHP office if selected as a state semi-finalist. 
  • Commit to participation in the program for the entire residential period if selected as a state finalist, including opening and closing days.  
  • Inability to meet the attendance requirement will result in disqualification for consideration, and, if selected for participation, can result in dismissal from the program. Exceptions to the attendance requirement will be rare, will be limited to true emergencies, and will require approval by the GHP Program Manager.


Updated 09/2021